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Kids Programs
Hapmudo delivers a diverse kids friendly martial arts teaching method. Kids ages 3 years & up can start developing themselves through traditional martial arts training. Motor Skills, Coordination, Exercise, Concentration, Focusing, Respect, Character Development and more list a few of the improvements you will notice.

Note: We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of taking Hapmudo. Especially the improvement it has shown in children’s academic studies through self-discipline and concentration.

What Parents Are Saying:

"Lee's Hapmudo Studio provides a fabulous environment for everyone involved. The instruction is wonderful and the family-oriented atmosphere creates a strong sense of community. Our kids love it and we highly recommend it for kids and adults alike!"
V. Carmody

"My daughter specifically requested attending Lee's Hapmudo Studio after an initial and very positive exposure to them at Congo Camp. We feel they offer a very positive and rewarding learning environment for children to develop their martial arts skills while also focusing on both social skills and educational value. We have been very pleased to be a part of the Hapmudo family." Anne H.

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"YSL Hapmudo is our second home. I am sure other martial arts schools are just as good but there is something extra special about YSL. From the way they approach and teach respect, integrity, discipline, commitment, patience and core values to the students. Master Lee and Mrs. Raeder are some of the most hardworking and humble people I have run across in my 25 years of doing business. They are truly good people and they lead only by examples from the way they engage with their students, families and the community they served. It took us a few years to locate the right institution for our children but with certainty we are now HOME. Our three children are enrolled at YSL and excelling both in and out of school activities. Our goal for our children is to have them mature into well balanced adulthood by following the footsteps of YSL's core values and teachings. All in all, we are thoroughly happy and proud to be a part of the YSL family." Michael T.
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